Drugs and OUI

Jeff & Harris have experience with all types of criminal cases.  The following are some general thoughts regarding common types of charges.

Drug Charges

Most Drug Cases involve Possession or Trafficking charges.  If you are charged with Trafficking based on allegations of sales to an informant or undercover agent, DO NOT try and contact the person believed to be the informant as doing so may generate additional criminal charges.

Instead, contact our Bangor office.

OUI Cases

If you were charged with OUI, the most important next event will concern your license status. Make sure that the address on your driver’s license is that address at which you currently receive mail.  If it is not, contact the Secretary of State to change your mailing address.  License suspension letters are not forwarded to new addresses.

The ability to successfully defend against the criminal charge of OUI will depend on a variety of factors too complicated to outline here.  A critical factor will be whether a Blood Alcohol test was obtained, and if so, the result thereof. Another critical factor is the strength of the State of Maine's evidence concerning operation of the motor vehicle.